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Prevent Disaster: Crawl Space Moisture Control in Diablo, CA

Veronica, a resident of Diablo, CA, woke up every morning with a nagging worry - her crawl space. The damp, musty air creeping into her home whispered of lurking moisture issues, and worse, the telltale signs of an unwelcome furry infestation confirmed her fears. Rodent droppings littered the crawl space, releasing a cocktail of harmful airborne bacteria that threatened not just her home's health but Veronica's own.


Thankfully, Clean Crawl Space came to the rescue. Their team swiftly and thoroughly cleaned the rodent droppings, eliminating the immediate health hazard. But they didn't stop there. Recognizing the root of the problem, they encapsulated the entire crawl space, sealing it from moisture and creating a dry, rodent-proof haven with the using the innovative CleanSpace® Crawl Space Vapor Barrier system, creating a dry, durable, healthy environment that would prevent future mold growth too. Veronica's worries vanished like the crawl space's dank air, replaced by a sigh of relief and newfound confidence in her home's health. Now, Veronica breathes easy, her home a sanctuary thanks to Clean Crawl Space. And she doesn't hesitate to recommend their services to every neighbor in Diablo - who wouldn't want the peace of mind that comes with a clean, dry, and healthy crawl space?

Crawlspace Encapsulation in Danville, CA

Hidden Hazard: Expose & Stop Concord, CA Mold

Spring rains brought more than flowers to Zachary's Concord townhouse. Dampness seeped into the crawlspace, conjuring musty odors and attracting unwelcome rodent roommates. Worried about both the architectural integrity and health implications, Zachary sought help from Clean Crawlspace.


Our expert crew transformed the dank dungeon with waterproof sealed vapor barrier and strategically placed sump pump which banished moisture, while improved ventilation chased away the musty smells. Zachary's townhouse was reborn, floors toasty, air fresh, and rodent-free. Thrilled with the professional installation and newfound peace of mind, Zachary became Clean Crawlspace's biggest Concord fan, eager to recommend their services to every neighbor. Thanks Zachary!

Crawlspace encapsulation in Benicia, CA

This homeowner was able to mitigate the moisture in his crawl space but a musty smell remained and, when the rains hit, water invaded the crawl space. He was interested in a vapor barrier to protect his home and seal the area off from the smell and water. We sent out our moisture control specialist and he was able to perform a full inspection and recommended the same solution as the homeowner, a vapor barrier. We got the privilege to transform his homeowner's crawl space with the CleanSpace 20 Mil Liner! Now the homeowner has no musty smell coming from the crawl space and can be confident the crawl space is well protected for years to come!

Hillside Headache Solved: How To Secure a Dry Crawlspace in Benicia, CA

Living on a scenic Benicia, CA, hill came with a watery downside for Dale S. - his crawlspace became a water collection point.  This threatened his foundation's health. Clean Crawlspace came to the rescue! They strategically dug trenches to divert downhill water away from the crawlspace to a smart Sump Pump system and then encapsulated the entire crawlspace for complete moisture protection.  Now, Dale enjoys his hilltop haven with peace of mind, knowing his home is safe from water woes.

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