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Crawlspace encapsulation in Nicasio, CA

When this home went up for sale there were serious issues with the crawl space that were noted by the inspector. Most notably of the issues was standing water in the crawl space. The new homeowners bought the home knowing this issue. Their realtor suggested that they contact us at Clean CrawlSpace. We sent our moisture control specialist out to inspect the crawl space. He found 7 areas of the crawl space and most of them had standing water and a horrible liner. He suggested full encapsulation and to help with drainage, sump pumps and trenching. The crews came out and performed the work and the issues were fixed. 

Rodent Cleanup Cloverdale, CA

Rodents can be very pesky creatures. Crawl space encapsulation significantly helps protect against them but we also always recommend that before we encapsulate a crawl space a pest control company comes out and takes care of any rodent issues. Even if all the proper steps are taken those pesky rodents can still invade your crawl space. Fortunately, we are also rodent cleanup specialist! We are trained professionals when it comes to cleaning and sanitizing rodent droppings and urine. We leave it so clean you could eat off of it!

Rodent Cleanup in Point Reyes Station, CA

Unfortunately for this homeowner, even with an encapsulated crawl space, the rodents found there way in. Rodents leave droppings and urine everywhere. They also destroy the insulation under the home. Much of the health of your home comes from the crawl space so it is important to keep it clean. The crawlspace contributes to much of the air you breathe in your home. Fortunately, with an encapsulated crawlspace, it is much easier to clean-up a rodent problem, but before we do any clean-up a rodent specialist needs to be called to solve the root of the problems with rodents entering the crawlspace, then we can come and sanitize and clean the entire crawlspace! Good job by the homeowner noticing this and the crews getting it all cleaned up.

Proper Drainage Installation Point Reyes Station, CA

Many crawl spaces have moisture issues. A lot also get up to 3 feet of water that floods the crawl space. This is why it is so important to make sure before any crawl space issues are fixed we must ensure the crawl space has proper drainage. In this picture, you can see one way we make sure if any water enters the crawl space gets pumped out. We dig trenching where water would collect and install perforated pipe then fill it with rock. The pipe runs to a sump pump to be pumped a safe distance away from the home. 

Sump Pump Installation Monte Rio, CA

Unfortunately, in 2019 this home suffered from a major amount of water entering their crawl space. It is a cinderblock foundation home and water fully filled the home, as well as 3 inches above the floors. We came out with our pump truck and fully pumped out the water, then installed dehumidifiers to fully dry out the home and crawl space. Then we did some repair work to the home. To end it off we installed a sump pump and fully encapsulated the crawl space to be able to handle any water that may enter in the future. Job well done overall!

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