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Crawl Space Sump Pump Install in Pleasant Hill, CA

Clean Crawlspace Inc. recently conducted a thorough inspection of a crawl space, uncovering evidence of water intrusion. Understanding the detrimental effects of moisture on the crawl space and the potential risks it poses to the overall integrity of the property, our team promptly developed a comprehensive plan. The plan centered around the installation of a strategically placed sump pump, designed to efficiently collect any water that accumulates in the crawl space and safely pump it out. This proactive approach will effectively manage water intrusion, mitigate the risk of structural damage, and create a dry and protected environment in the crawl space. Clean Crawlspace Inc. is committed to implementing this plan to ensure optimal moisture control and the long-term well-being of the customer's property.

Crawlspace encapsulation in Lafayette, CA

This homeowner, unfortunately, has to deal with chronic damp soil. The crawlspace would have standing water and soaked soil when the rains hit. The homeowner installed a sump pump and it helped, but after a couple of rainy winters, the sump pump couldn't keep up and there was soaked soil and mold everywhere. His wife has health problems when she is in contact with mold, so this could pose a dangerous situation. He decided to get it dealt with in such a way so it would take care of both problems, mold and water. He called Clean CrawlSpace and we were able to come out and completely encapsulate his crawlspace thus sealing it off from moisture. We also installed an upgraded sump pump and made sure we dug trenching so all the water that came into the crawlspace ran into the sump pump. The homeowner now has a clean, moisture-free, mold-free, and healthy crawlspace for his entire family!

Clean Crawlspace Saves Lafayette, CA Home

Living in Lafayette, California, means enjoying the lush greenery and vibrant life the Bay Area has to offer. But for Riley R., it also meant dealing with a persistent rodent problem in her crawlspace. The damp, rainy weather made the crawlspace an ideal haven for unwanted critters, and Riley knew she needed to take action.

That's when she called Clean Crawlspace. Their technicians quickly assessed the situation and recommended their innovative Delta Matting and CleanSpace liner system. This encapsulation system would seal the crawlspace from moisture, creating a dry, rodent-proof haven for Riley's home.

Crawlspace Nightmare Solved in Castro Valley, CA

Kent and Jenna couldn't take it anymore. The basement, after constant water problems, reeked of earthy funk. Months of scrubbing and airing had been in vain - the lingering mud, and overpowering dampness whispered of despair. Enter Clean Crawlspace.

A glimmer of hope ignited in Kent's eyes as he stumbled upon Clean Crawlspace encapsulation service. With one simple call, he set their transformation in motion. Our expert moisture control specialist David Lipsky identified the source of moisture in her crawlspace. Then our skilled installation crew arrived and sealed their crawl space using the innovative CleanSpace® Crawl Space Vapor Barrier system, creating a dry, durable, healthy environment.


Clean Crawlspace's expert encapsulation sealed the deal, banishing the stench, and moisture. No more mold, no more fearing the unknown beneath their feet. Their basement, once a nightmare, breathed new life as a fresh, healthy space.


Their story is a testament to the power of Clean Crawlspace. Don't let lingering odors, moisture, mold, or creepy critters win. Reclaim your home's comfort and value with Clean Crawlspace's expert solutions. Breathe easy, live better. Contact us today for a free crawl space inspection and experience the difference for yourself.

Peace of Mind Found in Sealed Crawlspace in Union City, CA

Balu's Union City, California, crawlspace was plagued by moisture and musty smells, gave him chills. Clean Crawlspace to the rescue! Our expert moisture control specialist Daniel Griggs identified the source of moisture in Thomas’ crawlspace. Then our skilled installation crew came, and sealed the crawl space using the innovative CleanSpace® Crawl Space Vapor Barrier system, creating a dry, durable, healthy environment that would prevent future mold growth. Drainage, sealing, and ventilation transformed the dank dungeon into a dry haven. The home no longer smelled earthy, floors felt warmer, Balu sleeps sounder. Peace of mind found, crawlspace fears vanquished. A happy ending, thanks to Clean Crawlspace and we couldn’t be happier. 

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