Crawl Space Dehumidifier

Choosing A Dehumidifier For Your CrawlSpace

With all of the dehumidifier options on the market, choosing the best one for you can sometimes seem overwhelming. How large of a unit will you need? What kind of options make for a low-maintenance, high-functioning design?

We'd like to share with you a few key points on what makes a great crawl space dehumidifier, as well as what you can do to make sure it's working. Eliminate damp, musty odors in your crawl space once and for all by drying and filtering the air! Clean CrawlSpace Inc. can help you choose and install the best dehumidifier for your home.

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A crawl space dehumidifier up on coffee cans, with a muddy water mark halfway up the system.

Seal Your Crawl Space From Outside Air

In the moisture control business, all too often we see crawl space dehumidifiers set up like the one shown on the right. Notice the cans underneath the legs? Those were placed there to keep the dehumidifier above the floodwater line.

This poor dehumidifier doesn't stand a chance! Two-foot floods aside, this system is up against a vented crawl space. As soon as it dries the air, new outside air is there to replace it, and it will never keep up.

Your unit can't possibly work in a vented space, no matter how powerful it is. What a dehumidifier will do in a vented crawl space is run continuously, costing you a bundle in utility bills.

Before trying to dehumidify the space, install a crawl space sump pump if you ever have standing water in the space. You should also seal off the vents, and install a crawl space vapor barrier. This will limit the new air reaching your system, and will give your dehumidifier a chance to dry the space.

A self-draining crawl space dehumidifier connected to a sump pump system in Richmond

Install A Self-Draining Dehumidifier

Once you've installed your crawl space dehumidifier, you're probably not going to want to think about it again.However, if that dehumidifier includes a water collection tray, your dehumidifier may be full to capacity and shut off automatically in as little as 12 hours.

Who wants to go into their crawl space every day to empty a collection tray? Even in a clean, well-maintained space, it's a chore most people would pass on if they could.

Our SaniDry™ Sedona has got you covered. With a self-draining design, it can remove up to 109 pints of water per day in your crawl space, without ever needing to have its collection tray emptied. It can empty to a sump pump or drywell, or a special condensation pump can be added to discharge the water outside.

A crawl space cold coil comparison

Find A Powerful Dehumidifier

If you have a dehumidifier in your crawl space, and the area is still damp, musty, and moldy, then you can make an obvious conclusion: it's not doing its job.

The answer is not to buy a second dehumidifier! Twice the units means twice the noise, twice the electricity used, and very often, a crawl space that is still damp.

The SaniDry™ Sedona is a crawl space dehumidifier that's strong enough for the job! Its powerful 300 CFM blowing motor will circulate air throughout your humid crawl space, drying everything out and keeping it dry all the time!

The large cold coil surface of the dehumidifier (see comparison in photo) helps it handle a 6,000 square foot crawl space, at 3 feet high. An adjustable knob lets you decide how dry you want your crawlspace-- just set it and forget it!

An energy efficient ENERGY STAR® rated crawl space dehumidifier installed in CA

Make Sure It's Energy Efficient

Typical hardware store dehumidifiers can really tank up on energy usage! In many cases, these systems can cost you 11 cents or more to remove a single pint of water.

Hardware store systems simply don't have a large enough cold coil space to efficiently remove water from the air. Small coils mean the system works harder, which means you pay more to run an inferior dehumidifier.

Our SaniDry™ Sedona crawl space dehumidifier has a unique heat exchange system. With an operating temperature of 40°F - 95°F, it's optimal for the cool crawl space environment!

Install a Warrantied SaniDry™ Sedona System in your crawl space!

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We service the California area, including Oakland, Fremont, San Jose and nearby.

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