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Crawlspace Encapsulation in Danville, CA

Crawlspace encapsulation in Lafayette, CA

This homeowner, unfortunately, has to deal with chronic damp soil. The crawlspace would have standing water and soaked soil when the rains hit. The homeowner installed a sump pump and it helped, but after a couple of rainy winters, the sump pump couldn't keep up and there was soaked soil and mold everywhere. His wife has health problems when she is in contact with mold, so this could pose a dangerous situation. He decided to get it dealt with in such a way so it would take care of both problems, mold and water. He called Clean CrawlSpace and we were able to come out and completely encapsulate his crawlspace thus sealing it off from moisture. We also installed an upgraded sump pump and made sure we dug trenching so all the water that came into the crawlspace ran into the sump pump. The homeowner now has a clean, moisture-free, mold-free, and healthy crawlspace for his entire family!

Crawlspace Encapsulation in Orinda, CA

Protecting their new home investment with the encapsulation system.

Crawlspace encapsulation in Calistoga, CA

The homeowners started the process of remodeling the home to make it more livable and increase the value. They were having the HVAC of the home looked at and fixed up. When the company went into the crawl space to inspect the HVAC they realized that if they fixed it, it would just go bad again because of the state of the crawlspace. They recommended we come out and encapsulate the crawl space. We were able to clean up the crawl space, fully encapsulate it, and make it a much healthier environment. They were so happy that they could be confident that the air they are breathing is clean and that the value of there home was raised!

Sump Pump Replacement Carmel By The Sea, CA

This home suffered from chronic moisture issues. The soil was damp and there was a clear indication of a major amount of water entering the crawl space, by the marks on the walls of the crawl space. This home required a heavy-duty sump pump. What they had at the time just was not enough for the volume of water that enters the crawl space. Our sales rep recommended the TrippleSafe Sump Pump and full encapsulation of the crawl space. The TrippleSafe is the most state of the art sump pump available. The Homeowner agreed. Later our crew came and installed the new pump! 

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