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Solving Mold & Moisture Problems in Forestville, California

Mold problems plagued Xochi L.'s Forestville, California home.  Not only was his crawlspace infested with mold, but the high moisture levels were affecting the entire house's air quality.  Xochi knew a simple cleaning wouldn't solve the problem; he needed a lasting solution.

Clean Crawlspace came to the rescue with a multi-step plan.  First, they safely removed the existing mold growth.  Then, to prevent future moisture problems and mold recurrence, they installed drainage trenches, and a smartsump pump, and encapsulated the entire crawlspace with a vapor barrier, creating a sealed environment.  Now, Xochi's crawlspace is mold-free and dry, leading to improved air quality throughout his Forestville home.  He can finally relax, knowing his dream home is healthy and safe.

Cloverdale, CA, Crawlspace Crisis Averted: A Permanent Fix for Standing Water

Standing water in his Cloverdale, California crawlspace threatened Brian M.'s property value.  A temporary fix wouldn't do, so Brian called in the professionals at Clean Crawlspace.  They implemented a long-term solution with strategic drainage trenches to divert water, a SmartSump pump to remove remaining water, and complete encapsulation to create a sealed barrier against moisture. Now, Brian's crawlspace is dry, healthy, and permanently protected, ensuring the structural integrity and value of his Cloverdale home.

Guerneville, CA, Hillside Homes & Crawlspace Moisture: Success Stories!

Living on a Guerneville, CA, hill can come with hidden challenges, as Erik B. discovered. Water leaks in his crawlspace led to damp carpets and a concerning mildew odor inside his home. Recognizing the potential health and structural risks, Erik took immediate action. 


Clean Crawlspace came to the rescue, first tackling the source of the problem: rodent droppings and urine. After thorough sanitation with an anti-bacterial treatment, they professionally dried the crawlspace, installed Delta-matting, and encapsulated the entire area for complete water protection. Now, Erik can breathe easy knowing his home is safe and healthy, thanks to a dry and protected crawlspace.

Kenwood, CA, Homeowner Saves The Day with Crawlspace Encapsulation

Living in Kenwood, CA, means appreciating the beauty of your surroundings. But what about the hidden spaces beneath your home? Ed R. discovered a potential threat to his investment – water in his crawlspace. Recognizing the danger this posed to his home's health and structural integrity, Ed took proactive steps.


Clean Crawlspace came to the rescue, professionally drying the crawlspace to eliminate moisture concerns. They then installed drainage matting, a drainage system perfect for hillside homes like Ed's. Finally, the crawlspace was encapsulated, creating a complete barrier against future water intrusion.

Ed's story is a reminder that crawlspace encapsulation isn't just about comfort and a healthy home; it's also a smart investment. By taking action, Ed ensured his Kenwood, California, home remains protected, preserving its value for years to come. Contact Clean Crawlspace for your free estimate today.

Sea Ranch Nightmare Solved: From Dry Rot to Dream Home Again

A Sea Ranch, CA, dream home turned damp disaster for William F. A minor termite issue exposed a hidden enemy: dry rot fueled by excessive crawlspace moisture from a leaking pool. Floor joists, subfloor, and support beams were at risk. William needed an immediate solution.

Clean Crawlspace was called to the rescue. They installed a custom drainage system to permanently eliminate moisture, followed by Delta matting for water channeling. Finally, complete crawlspace encapsulation sealed the deal. Now, William's dream home is safe and dry. Don't wait! Contact Clean Crawlspace for your free inspection today.


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