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Crawlspace encapsulation in Corte Madera, CA

When the rains came on this homeowner's home, it soaked the crawlspace. They waited for it to dry out and then decided to get it properly taken care of so when the rains come again they can have the peace of mind to know that their crawlspace was professionally encapsulated and waterproof!

Crawlspace Encapsulation in Sausalito, CA

The crawl space of a home, unfortunately, often gets overlooked. Usually, it is something that is not even thought of until it starts having issues. This is what happened to this homeowner. They recently purchased this home but after a few weeks, they started to notice a moldy smell. They were not sure where it was coming from so they did some investigating. When they opened the crawl space door they were hit with a wave of hot, humid, moldy air! They realized that the crawl space was causing this smell. So they jumped on google and searched for a company that are specialist in crawl spaces and mold. They landed on us at Clean CrawlSpace Inc. We were able to quickly get one of our mold specialists out to develop a solution for the issue. He recommended that we clean out the mold, and encapsulate the crawl space. Our crews performed the work and the homeowner is now so excited that they no longer have a moldy smell and can be confident that there crawl space is protecting their health and protecting their investment!

Crawlspace Encapsulation in Petaluma, CA

This customer was doing a complete home remodel. The original owners of the house had a very thin see-through barrier installed in their crawlspace. The customer had conveyed to us that he was never happy with it, but now he has the ability to put in a top of the line, Cleanspace liner! 

Crawlspace encapsulation in Half Moon Bay, CA

Before and after of a job in the beautiful town of Half Moon Bay California.

Crawlspace encapsulation in Nicasio, CA

When this home went up for sale there were serious issues with the crawl space that were noted by the inspector. Most notably of the issues was standing water in the crawl space. The new homeowners bought the home knowing this issue. Their realtor suggested that they contact us at Clean CrawlSpace. We sent our moisture control specialist out to inspect the crawl space. He found 7 areas of the crawl space and most of them had standing water and a horrible liner. He suggested full encapsulation and to help with drainage, sump pumps and trenching. The crews came out and performed the work and the issues were fixed. 

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