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Crawlspace Cleanup: Breathing Easier in Discovery Bay, CA

The musty smell that had infiltrated every corner of Jeffrey's Discovery Bay home was more than just an annoyance; it was a persistent invader. Jeffrey took the plunge and had an environmental air test conducted. The results were sobering – rodent droppings and a worrying level of mold spores lurked in the very air he breathed. The culprit? His neglected crawlspace, a damp breeding ground for both microscopic and furry threats. Jeffrey contact Clean Crawlspace. 


Clean Crawlspace cleaned the debris, purged the water, and rodent droppings and antibacterial. A robust vapor barrier was meticulously installed, sealing the crawlspace from the damp clutches of the earth. The transformation was immediate – the oppressive odor vanished, replaced by the crisp scent of clean air. Victory, it seemed, smelled like a fresh start. With the mold subdued and the rodents evicted, Jeffrey could finally breathe easy, his Discovery Bay haven reclaimed from the clutches of the unseen. Jeffrey is a happy customer with a home, once tainted by illness, now filled with the promise of renewed health and well-being.

Sump Pump Replacement Suisun City, CA

This home has a unique story. This home had a liner and sump pump installed in 1977! It has been doing its job for many, many years. But unfortunately, the technology was not very good back then and things don't last forever. After the homeowner noticed that the sump pump bucket was full of water he started investigating. They found it had stopped working and he was pretty sure the discharge line was gummed up. They had a lot of standing water in the crawl space from this and they started to notice a moist, musty smell in their home. They went on Home Advisor and started searching for crawl space experts. They came to find us at Clean CrawlSpace Inc. We got there old, non-working sump pump system out and put in a new one that will last them for many, many more years to come!

Mold? Nope! Clayton, CA Crawlspace Fix

John's Clayton, California, crawlspace was a damp nightmare, causing chills and unpleasant odors. Clean Crawlspace came to the rescue! Their moisture control expert pinpointed the culprit: poor drainage and ventilation.

The Clean Crawlspace team installed a drainage system, and sealed the crawl space using the innovative CleanSpace® Crawl Space Vapor Barrier system, creating a dry, durable, healthy environment that would prevent future mold growth. . John's crawlspace transformed into a dry haven, eliminating the musty smells and temperature swings. He now enjoys a healthier, more comfortable home thanks to Clean Crawlspace's expertise. 

Sump Pump Installation in Morgan Hill, CA

This home was a quick and simple fix! They had issues with standing water and moisture in the crawl space. They googled a crawl space company, found us, and have us a call. We came out and fixed the issue with trenching and a sump pump! No more water issues!

Sump Pump Install, Dublin CA

Check out this sump pump and full encapsulation we installed in Dublin, CA. As you can see they had a sump pump already but it was not working and allowing the crawl space to flood. To fix this we dug trenching to divert water to the sump pump, while also installing a new sump pump and plumbing. 

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