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Sump Pump Installation in Morgan Hill, CA

This home was a quick and simple fix! They had issues with standing water and moisture in the crawl space. They googled a crawl space company, found us, and have us a call. We came out and fixed the issue with trenching and a sump pump! No more water issues!

Sump Pump Install, Dublin CA

Check out this sump pump and full encapsulation we installed in Dublin, CA. As you can see they had a sump pump already but it was not working and allowing the crawl space to flood. To fix this we dug trenching to divert water to the sump pump, while also installing a new sump pump and plumbing. 

Sump Pump Installation in Yountville, CA

We come across this situation more often then we should. A company will come and dig a hole, put a bucket in there with a few holes, stick a sump pump into it and call it a day. Unfortunately, unless proper drainage is dug and installed that directs any water that enters the crawl space to the sump pump, all that work is useless. Fortunately, our moisture control specialists are trained professionals in proper drainage technics. They will make a plan that will ensure if any water enters the crawl space it gets diverted to the sump pumps to be pumped a safe distance away from your home! Here are 2 pictures of how to properly install drainage and install a sump pump.

Sump Pump Installation Richmond, CA

This is unfortunately what happens to most crawl spaces. As you can see in the before picture. There is standing water in the crawl space. The homeowner wants to ensure that if any water enters the crawl space, it will get pumped out. We came out and installed proper drainage and a sump pump to solve this issue!

Drainage installation Richmond, CA

Many people ask us where the water goes that gets pumped out of their crawl space. There are many, many places to pump the water out of the crawl space. We can tie into drainage systems that are already in place. We can pump it right out of the home. But the best way is to pump the water far away from the home. This is a good example of making it a drainage system looks nice. We make it very invisible but at a safe distance away from the home!

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