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Rodent Exclusion & Crawlspace Encapsulation in Cotati, CA

Moisture problems are common in Cotati, California, and Rob M. wasn't spared. Standing water in his crawlspace not only threatened the foundation but also attracted unwanted guests – rodents. This posed a serious health risk for Rob and his family. A simple cleanup wouldn't do the trick; he needed a permanent solution to keep his crawlspace dry and rodent-free.


Instead of tackling the problem himself, Rob called in the professionals at Clean Crawlspace. They understood the unique challenges of Cotati's climate and designed a multi-step plan. Clean Crawlspace sealed the crawlspace to prevent future rodent infestations and then encapsulated the entire crawlspace with a moisture barrier. This solution ensures Rob's crawlspace is dry, healthy, and free of unwanted visitors, giving him peace of mind in his Cotati home.

Don't Let Rainwater Win: Safeguard Your Gilroy, CA, Home Crawlspace

Recent heavy rains in Gilroy, California, worried homeowner Craig M. He noticed a growing moisture problem in his crawlspace, knowing it could harm both his family's well-being and his home's value. Acting quickly, Craig contacted Clean Crawlspace. Their experts implemented a comprehensive solution: a trench and drainage system with a WaterWatch alarm directed rainwater to a sump pump. CleanSpace drainage matting and vapor barrier further sealed the crawlspace and prevented moisture intrusion, while a SaniDray Sedona dehumidifier ensured long-term dryness. Now, Craig can rest assured his Gilroy, CA, home is protected and his investment secure.

Crawlspace Rescued from Flooding in Aromas, CA

Sandee A got serious damage to her beautiful Aromas, CA, home after a major rain storm

Santa Clara, California, Crawlspace Gets a Professional Rescue!

David G.'s dream home in Santa Clara, CA, became a source of worry thanks to a poorly installed sump pump. The inexpensive solution from a general contractor ended up backfiring - the sump pump died quickly, and without a check valve, household water flowed back into the crawlspace, creating a soggy mess. Yuck!


Concerned about the growing moisture and potential mold problems, David called in the trusted crawlspace experts at Clean Crawlspace. They installed a SmartSump pump, ensuring continuous dryness, and fully encapsulated the crawlspace with CleanSpace Vapor Barrier, an airtight vapor barrier that keeps moisture out. Now, David can finally relax knowing his beautiful home is protected.


Is your Santa Clara, California, crawlspace causing similar headaches?  Contact Clean Crawlspace today for a free estimate on a professional solution at 707-549-6276.

Waterproofing and Pest Control in Monterey, CA: Clean Crawlspace Delivers Again!

Waterproofing and Pest Control in Monterey, CA: Clean Crawlspace Delivers Again!

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