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The Home Solution for Mold in Larkspur, CA

Steve S.’ home in Larkspur, CA had become plagued with water pooling and mold growth, causing him frustration and concern. Heavy rain would seep into the crawlspace creating water pools that were the perfect conditions for mold to thrive.


Determined to solve the problem, Steve called the experts at Clean CrawlSpace, who specialize in moisture control, successfully pinpointed the origin of the moisture issue in Steve’s crawlspace. Their experienced installation team arrived and proceeded to dig drainage trenches to gather any lingering water, surrounded by drainage rock.  Next, they installed the CleanSpace® Crawl Space Vapor Barrier system to encapsulate both the walls and floor of the crawlspace, effectively preventing any moisture from infiltrating. To top it off, a smart sump pump was installed in the lowest area of the crawlspace to efficiently remove any water that may find its way inside and inhibit any future mold problems.


Now, Steve finally enjoys a mold-free home and fully appreciates the beauty of his beloved Larkspur, CA residence once more.

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