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Clean CrawlSpace Inc. is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Santa Cruz. Learn more about Clean CrawlSpace Inc.'s recent work requests in Santa Cruz and nearby areas!

Learn more about Clean CrawlSpace Inc.'S recent work requests in Santa Cruz, CA
Vicinity of in Santa Cruz
Please respond asap as I am in escrow to purchase an older 1134 sq ft one-story house in Santa Cruz on the west side. House has excessive moisture in crawl space. Mold inspection with air samples taken revealed level 3 remediation in main part of house, and visible suspect mold growth in crawl space. Clean-Tec would do the remediation with air scrubbers and clean up of crawl space. Vapor barrier, sump pump, humidstat-controlled fans installed in crawl space recommended in report to prevent reoccurrence. Please send quote and include, if you think helpful, french drains. House is on fairly level surface, but since construction in 1957, has much concrete on most sides, no obvious drainage system, and minimal vegetation. thank you
Vicinity of NATIONAL ST in Santa Cruz
Uneven crawl space. dirt near foundation, musty smell in home
Vicinity of Arroyo Seco in Santa Cruz
I am purchasing a house in Santa Cruz with sub area moisture and want to line the sub area and install alarm.
Vicinity of Navigator Dr in Santa Cruz
We would like to get a quote on having the insulation in our crawl space updated, in order to keep our energy bills down. Please email me for more information. Thank you!
Vicinity of Capitola Rd in Santa Cruz
My crawl space seems wet. Can you do free estimate for me? Sometime in the next 2 weeks will be great. Thanks!
Vicinity of Chace Street in Santa Cruz
We are in escrow on this house, which has a below-grade crawl space that shows signs of past moisture (efflorescence, water stains at base of piers). There are two fans and two sump pumps, but we'd like a professional opinion about 1) how big a problem to expect and 2) an estimate of how much it would cost to moisture proof the crawl space. If possible, would be great to have someone visit this week. Thanks!
Vicinity of in Santa Cruz
Greetings, I have a duplex and rent the front unit (817) and live in the back (819). The front unit has a very tight crawlspace. The interior of the unit has a strong earthy odor I would like to resolve. The rear section of the building has a higher crawlspace and is prone to a lot of standing water in the rainy season. I am primarily interested in resolving the earthy odor in the front unit (vapor barrier?) as well as sump pump recommendations for the building overall.
Vicinity of Pear Creek Lane in Santa Cruz
Buying a house that is on a hillside and have concerns about the moisture under the house.
Vicinity of Roland Dr in Santa Cruz
Hi, after all of this rain we finally checked out our crawl space and it's flooded, lots of standing water (post and pier foundation, 1,200 sq ft single story home). We'd like to get a quote for drying out the crawl space, plus whatever additional mold treatment and vapor barriers we need to set ourselves up for success in future rainy seasons. Thanks
Vicinity of Sommerfeld in Santa Cruz
Interested in mold reduction moisture control.
Vicinity of Charles Hill Rd in Santa Cruz
Damp crawl space. Interested in vapor barrier or dehumdification system.
Vicinity of Empire Grad Road in Santa Cruz
Improperly vented crawlspace resulting in wet insulation, mold and rot.
Vicinity of Prospect Ct in Santa Cruz
Moisture in crawl space under house and very small amount of standing water.
Vicinity of Swift St in Santa Cruz
Want to insulate my floors under the house in the crawlspace.
Vicinity of Roger Dr. in Santa Cruz
I have a drainage issue and probably need a sump pump installed in my crawl space. Is there a ballpark estimate or price range for this service? Thanks.
Vicinity of in Santa Cruz
Moisture under crawl space
Vicinity of W Cliff Dr in Santa Cruz
Vapor barrier in crawl space.
Vicinity of Sumner Street in Santa Cruz
Concerned about year round moisture on crawl space floor, and seasonal flooding during winter storms. Definitely interested in installing a sump pump and potentially vapor barrier. Thanks!
Vicinity of in Santa Cruz
Moisture in basement,
Vicinity of Hickman Court in Santa Cruz
Crawl space with damp ground and moisture, so interested in a vapor barrier installation.
Vicinity of Carbonera Ct in Santa Cruz
I am interested in an estimate for installing clean space in our basement about 2000 ft.²
Vicinity of Dufour St. in Santa Cruz
Interested in a vapor barrier for approx 1500 sq foot house.
Vicinity of Meder Street in Santa Cruz
Need solutions for water and moisture accumulation in our crawl space under the house ASAP! Thank you!
Vicinity of Trevethan Ave in Santa Cruz
Moisture issues under front bedroom of a recently renovated home. Interested in a vapor barrier.
Vicinity of Marnell Ave in Santa Cruz
Have moisture issues under house.
Vicinity of Keystone Ave in Santa Cruz
I feel like a room in my house has too much moisture
Vicinity of Reinelt Ave in Santa Cruz
There is a musty smell in the house after hard rains. The crawl space has no moisture barrier, no sump pump, and no insulation. The crawl space dirt gets damp after heavy rains.
Vicinity of Cayuga Street in Santa Cruz
Standing water, and dampness in crawl space
Vicinity of Pacheco Ave in Santa Cruz
About 1000 sq ft of uninsulated crawl space in a 104 year old house. Tired of freezing wood floors in the winter on my first floor and High energy costs
Vicinity of Surfside Avenue in Santa Cruz
About 900 sq feet of crawl space to insulate, can I get a quote ?
Vicinity of Dufour in Santa Cruz
Leveling of sub-area soil, installation of a vapor barrier, 1530 sq ft house.
Vicinity of Tiffani Ct. in Santa Cruz
Looking for a quote to install a vapor barrier in the crawl space under my house. The square footage is approximately 2900 sq.ft.
Vicinity of Heath in Santa Cruz
Would like to see about encapsulating the crawl space. will most likely need a sump pump as it gets water under there when raining/after rain.No duct work under the house. The sqft of the house is about 2400 single story
Vicinity of Chardonnay Rd in Santa Cruz
Need encapsulation of crawl basement
Vicinity of Getchell St in Santa Cruz
Hi, I have a wet crawl space under my house in Santa Cruz. I'd like to speak to someone to get a ballpark estimate of cost to mitigate. Regards, Paul
Vicinity of Empire Grade in Santa Cruz
One room smells like wet earth. i suspect we have crawl space moisture...
Vicinity of Sheldon in Santa Cruz
We are moving into a new house and have a strong musty smell. Guessing we have some issues under our house in the crawl space. Need help.
Vicinity of Lode St in Santa Cruz
I think my house would benefit from a vapor barrier. We got mold in our closets and behind furniture. Would like a inspection or quote for the work. Thank you!
Vicinity of Calcita. Dr in Santa Cruz
Do you insulate crawl sp ace under a house?
Vicinity of in Santa Cruz
We have a lot of excess moisture seeping up under the house which is causing mold and fungus. Our termite company told us that we have too many pipes and ducts to put a moisture barrier, so we wanted a professional opinion. If that's the case, what are our options? Thanks, Robin Additional information: How did you hear about us?: on
Vicinity of Hanover St. in Santa Cruz
600 square ft hours vented crawl space high water table need under house insulation
Vicinity of Vick Drive in Santa Cruz
Crawlspace always has damp earth, occasional water infiltration during super bad rain storms every 2 or 3 years, previous owner removed the sheathing on most of the cripple walls to increase air flow ! there is no crawlspace door at all, so racoons go under the house, I am allergic to mold and have health problems every winter, the house gets cold and has too much air infiltration. A sealed crawlspace with insulation on the foundation walls sounds like what we need, with thought to water issue every couple years
Vicinity of Pestana Ave in Santa Cruz
Want to have vapor barrier installed.
Vicinity of Heath Cove in Santa Cruz
We are looking for an estimate to seal off and insulate our ventilated crawl space under our townhouse. It is on average about 2 ft tall and about 500 square feet. It is pretty tidy, but a recent, very mild musty smell has entered our home and we are thinking the crawl space may be the cause. Also, what is your financing like? Thank you. Additional information: How did you hear about us?: on
Vicinity of Fairmount Ave in Santa Cruz
Would be interested in getting an estimate for my crawlspace
Vicinity of in Santa Cruz
Crawl space encapsulating
Vicinity of Ladera Ct in Santa Cruz
Encapsulation of crawl space.
Vicinity of Patterson Ln in Santa Cruz
Greetings! Duplex built in 1964. Lots of moisture from high water table. Not sure if I need a sump pump. But vapor barrier and insulation would help, I'm sure. Thanks!
Vicinity of Vista De Laveaga in Santa Cruz
Hi, we have rodents getting up into our walls - I think via the crawlspace. We also tend to have a bit of water under the house in the winter. Wondering if this is something you guys would be able to address.
Vicinity of Majors St in Santa Cruz
Would like an estimate for dirt crawl space project
Vicinity of Newport Ave in Santa Cruz
Crawl space with damp ground in winter, interested in vapor barrier installation