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Work Requests in San Rafael

Clean CrawlSpace Inc. is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in San Rafael. Learn more about Clean CrawlSpace Inc.'s recent work requests in San Rafael and nearby areas!

Learn more about Clean CrawlSpace Inc.'S recent work requests in San Rafael, CA
Vicinity of Mission Ave in San Rafael
Moldy, damp crawlspace. Highly interested in ensuring there is no mold down there. Also need a french drain installed, but not sure you do those. If you do, great!
Vicinity of Prospect Drive in San Rafael
I have some work I'd like done in my basement to route water that comes in to the low area / sump pump. I have drawings already done and know exactly what I'd like done, but just need to see if it's possible in November.
Vicinity of in San Rafael
Need a quote for crawl space insutlation Thx
Vicinity of Deepstone in San Rafael
Need insulation removed from crawlspace that has fallen to the ground.
Vicinity of Mountain View in San Rafael
Hello I would like a quote on redoing the lining of my crawlspace
Vicinity of Tarragon Dr in San Rafael
Need to investigate a crawl space drainage / sump pump solution, have water seepage into the crawl space.
Vicinity of Park Ridge Rd. in San Rafael
Musty odor from crawl space.
Vicinity of Canyon Oak in San Rafael
Crawl space moisture issue
Vicinity of Fowler Court in San Rafael
Looking to possibly insulate and encapsulate a crawl space.
Vicinity of Fern Road in San Rafael
Looking to get an estimate on a moisture barrier for may basement and crawl space. About 700 sq feet. Good accessibility.
Vicinity of Wolfe Ave in San Rafael
We would like a quote for vapor barrier in crawl space. we get lots of moisture in the winter and have mildew most of the year. thanks.
Vicinity of Lea Dr in San Rafael
We are interested in the crawl space encapsulation. We have a sump pump installed, but moisture is a concern.
Vicinity of Olive Avenue in San Rafael
Need battery back up pump for power outages.
Vicinity of Cobblestone Drive in San Rafael
Seal off under the house.
Vicinity of Deepstone in San Rafael
Insulation falling from joists. Moisture when it rains.
Vicinity of Elda Drive in San Rafael
Have moisture in our crawlspace and have had rats in the past.
Vicinity of Deepstone Dr in San Rafael
Old sump pump has failed. Crawl space has several inches of water after recent rains. Not sure if you can address this now, or have to wait until dry season.
Vicinity of Moncada Way in San Rafael
Need moisture barrier and possilby a sump pump to remove moisture from beneath the house.
Vicinity of Vendola Dr in San Rafael
Curious about a quote for a vapor barrier and insulating my crawl space.
Vicinity of Galerita Way in San Rafael
Standing water, need vapor barrier
Vicinity of Valleystone Drive in San Rafael
We have a crawl space underneath the house that pools water when it rains. There is a sump pump already there but want to do better moisture control. May be the issue causing wood floors to cup/warp. We live next to Marin hills, so there is a lot of water that comes down from hill.
Vicinity of Woodland Place in San Rafael
My home was built in 1947. I moved in in 2008. My crawl space has not been inspected for 5 years. I would like someone to check the sump pump (working last year but I don't know how old it is). I would also like the vapor barrier checked. I have allergies and want to make certain the crawl space area is not making them worse! Thank you!
Vicinity of Allensby Lane in San Rafael
Crawl space cleanup
Vicinity of Ridgwood Dr in San Rafael
I am looking for a quote for crawlspace cleaning and vapor barrier installation.
Vicinity of Dubois St in San Rafael
Wet crawl space even in august puddling in January. We are an Energy Upgrade contractor Additional information: How did you hear about us?: on Other: co-worker Promo Code: contractor pricing / referral fee
Vicinity of Park Ridge Rd in San Rafael
I just moved into my house and the crawl space is wet and has flooded. There is a small sump pump now, but it's not addressed the entire issue. Thanks, Mark Additional information: How did you hear about us?: on Other: Referral - O'Hare
Vicinity of Corrillo Drive in San Rafael
How long is the process from estimate to completion? How close are the estimated cost and final cost?
Vicinity of Bay Laurel Lane in San Rafael
We just bought a new house. There is insulation that has come loose in the crawl space and the area needs a general tidy up for maintenance only. There is no flooding or damage.
Vicinity of Sterling Way in San Rafael
I would like to install a moisture barrier and drainage matting system in my crawl space. Could you please give me an estimate? The space is about 670 square feet. Thanks! Jason Additional information: How did you hear about us?: on
Vicinity of Oakdale Ave. in San Rafael
Would like an estimate for dealing with moisture issues in my crawl space.
Vicinity of Millwood Ct in San Rafael
We would like to have an inspection and quote to eliminate our crawl space order which is permeating our downstairs living space.
Vicinity of Scenic Ave. in San Rafael
1,000 sf crawlspace beneath 1929 house. Want to improve air quality in the house.
Vicinity of Aqua Vista Dr. in San Rafael
During very heavy rainfall there is some water infiltration into the crawl space, also there is a sunken seating area below the normal floor level around a fireplace where water infiltrates when the surrounding ground is saturated from heavy rainfall.
Vicinity of McCoy Road in San Rafael
100 year old house on slight hillside. Although no visible moisture in crawl space, a stale odor enters first floor of living space. Contractor suggests we consider installing a vapor guard in the open sections of our crawlspace.
Vicinity of Elda Dr in San Rafael
Hi, I'm interested in an estimate on helping me fixing the issues with water under the house.
Vicinity of Thornwood Terrace in San Rafael
We'd like a free estimate on the crawlspace at our home. Your expert opinion on how we can correct our water drainage situation at our home would be highly appreciated.
Vicinity of Partridge Court in San Rafael
Interested in an estimate for a crawlspace vapor barrier. House is about 1800 square feet.
Vicinity of Falmouth Cove in San Rafael
Looking to replace moisture barrier and seal out small animals from our crawl space. About 1500 sqft.
Vicinity of Narragansett Cove in San Rafael
Need clean up after rats in crawl space, plus rat-proofing and new plastic covering - possibly to include a bit of duct repair