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Clean CrawlSpace Inc. is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in San Mateo. Learn more about Clean CrawlSpace Inc.'s recent work requests in San Mateo and nearby areas!

Learn more about Clean CrawlSpace Inc.'S recent work requests in San Mateo, CA
Vicinity of Del Rosa Way in San Mateo
Just wondering what a 27'x40'x27"tall crawl space encapsulation would cost.
Vicinity of Royal Ave in San Mateo
We are open to both pumps and crawl space sealing. It's much easier for me to answer text messages, so please text me if I don't pick up. Thanks!
Vicinity of Crown Court in San Mateo
I have standing water under a portion of my home.
Vicinity of Oak Street in San Mateo
Musty odor from crawl space. Penetrating odor into living space. Failing duct insulation.
Vicinity of Lorraine Ave in San Mateo
I have some concerns over moisture in the crawlspace as well as general cleanliness and freedom from pests (spiders especially). I would like to see what you recommend and what the options are. Thanks.
Vicinity of Elliott St. in San Mateo
Musty smelling crawl space worse in rainy weather
Vicinity of Ascension in San Mateo
Damp soil. Moisture barrier.
Vicinity of Oriskany in San Mateo
Sump pump installation quote
Vicinity of Alhambra Rd in San Mateo
Our crawl space is dry and we have an older sump pump but our floors are always cold and the house feels damp. We want to look at options for insulating the crawl space and getting a better sump pump
Vicinity of Annapolis Drive in San Mateo
Looking for pricing on sump pump installation in crawl space. The neighborhood as a whole has drainage issues from rain and ground water.
Vicinity of in San Mateo
Crawlspace has working drainage system / sump. We are interested in drainage matting, moisture barrier and possibly insulation.
Vicinity of Hamlet Street in San Mateo
Crawlspace in raised foundation home has standing water after several days of rain. Foundation has three foundation rings. Only two are connected by a small access hole. Seeking system to keep the 3 crawlspace areas dry.
Vicinity of Bucknell in San Mateo
Recent rains have caused water in crawl space.
Vicinity of Jackson Street in San Mateo
Minimize moisture in crawl space
Vicinity of Ashwood Drive in San Mateo
Musty smell from crawl space.
Vicinity of Parrott Ct in San Mateo
Need to get crawl space cleaned and possible to review the mositure control there as well.
Vicinity of in San Mateo
My daughter has asthma and her room is right under the crawlspace ... and in one area it really smells..
Vicinity of in San Mateo
Wet Crawl Space, no sump pump, high water table.
Vicinity of Deer Lake Ct. in San Mateo
Damp crawl space that is affecting my hardwood floors
Vicinity of Xxx in San Mateo
Hi, it looks like water got into the crawlspace beneath the house during the recent rains. I watned to schedule an appointment for an inspection to see what the problem is and an estimate of how to fix it. Thanks.
Vicinity of Parrott Drive in San Mateo
Vapor Barrier and Sump Pump installation in the crawlspace
Vicinity of in San Mateo
Crawl Space Moisture Control
Vicinity of Woodberry Avenue in San Mateo
I have the excess dump in the crawl space of my house in spite of two sump pumps and a fan. I like you to solve that problem. I am interested in the encupsulation and insulation of the floor. Please come for the free estimate. Thank you.
Vicinity of in San Mateo
I would like a free estimate on what it would cost to help reduce moisuture in my home
Vicinity of N Quebec Street in San Mateo
Damp/wet under house causing mold or mildew on some exterior walls.
Vicinity of West Poplar Ave in San Mateo
I would like an estimate of what is required to ensure a dry crawl space
Vicinity of Donner St. in San Mateo
I am planning a remodel in San Mateo beginning in April. I would like to install a vapor barrier in my crawlspace to reduce the amount of moisture in my house. I would like an estimate on how much this will cost. Thanks
Vicinity of Harvard Road in San Mateo
I don't have any standing water, but the crawl space under my house damp and often has a white somewhat foamy substance on the surface in some areas. I'd like to reduce the moisture and odor.
Mark S. San Mateo, CA
Water accumulating in crawl