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Learn more about Clean CrawlSpace Inc.'S recent work requests in San Jose, CA
Vicinity of Coronado Dr in San Jose
Crawl space moisture problems.
Vicinity of in San Jose
I want to clean and level a little bit my crawling space
Vicinity of Calcaterra Ct in San Jose
I want to clean up the crawlspace and rodent proof possible holes to the house.
Vicinity of Tillamook Dr in San Jose
Crawl space clean up and inspection
Vicinity of Oak Canyon Dr in San Jose
CrawlSpace has water. Looking for moisture control done.
Vicinity of TERRAZZO CT in San Jose
Clean crawlspace inspect crawlspace
Vicinity of Corbal Ct in San Jose
Install Vapor Barrier
Vicinity of Observatory Drive in San Jose
We have a house with basement on a hill. Since winter time there is unpleasant moldy smell rising from the basement. We would like to eliminate this smell and deal with the underlying problem. Thanks, -Vita
Vicinity of Eddington Pl in San Jose
Moisture solution for crawl space
Vicinity of LALOR DR in San Jose
Leaning support posts in crawl space
Vicinity of Venado Way in San Jose
Have some standing water in my crawl space that is smelling bad.
Vicinity of Chateau Dr in San Jose
I recently purchased a house which has moisture problems in the crawl space. I want to get a free estimate for fixing the problem. Thanks.
Vicinity of Chianti Court in San Jose
Interested in crawl space solutions for possible moisture
Vicinity of in San Jose
Vicinity of Via De Los Reyes in San Jose
Hi, I am looking for someone to repair or replace the ventilation fan in my house's crawl space (My house is located in south San Jose). The fan stopped working today. I would like to get a quote for replacing it with a new one. Thanks!
Vicinity of Carmella Ct in San Jose
Like to find out the quote for encapsulating about 2000 sq ft. worth of crawl space. Also, what is the cost of adding a dehumidifier? Do you include covering the concrete walls as well. Also, if in case RH levels are high, do you also dry the wood in crawl space before encapsulating? Charges for drying.
Vicinity of Rigoletto Dr in San Jose
Subfloor damaged, moisture , cleanses and air quality.
Vicinity of Sheehan Ct in San Jose
When it rains hard, we find water at the crawl space. Need to find a reasonable solution.
Vicinity of Goldpine Way in San Jose
Hi we need to have a trench drain and 2 sump pumps installed in our crawlspace...would like to have you take a look and let us know how much that would be. Thanks!
Vicinity of Falon Way in San Jose
I would like to clean\insulate crawlspace to help with heating\cooling efficiency.
Vicinity of Whitbourne Drive in San Jose
We have standing water in our crawl space when it rains, and a moister during the rainy season. We'd like to put in hardwood floors, but need to address the water first, with a sump-pump / encasement and maybe new french drains.
Vicinity of Whitbourne Dr in San Jose
French drain or sump pump for crawl space
Vicinity of S. Capitol Ave. in San Jose
Current crawl space repair/liner and addition crawl space liner.
Vicinity of HAMPSWOOD WAY in San Jose
Crawl space sump pump
Vicinity of Foothill Drive in San Jose
Crawl space under the house is wet.
Vicinity of Sunnygate Ct in San Jose
Interested in crawl space encapsulation to reduce energy costs in winter
Vicinity of Mariposa Ave in San Jose
Crawlspace has cat feces, rodent droppings, construction debris. Looking to remove these items and rodentproof.
Vicinity of Silcreek Dr in San Jose
Damp Crawl Space. Need to tell my clients a solid reason why its damp.
Vicinity of Porto Alegre Pl in San Jose
Moisture under house, sometimes standing water.
Vicinity of Silver Estates in San Jose
Dampness in crawl space and musty odor
Vicinity of Parkview Ave in San Jose
Found dead rat in my crawl space. Inspection report says there's vermin activity in crawl space and attic. Want to have one time cleaning for both crawl space and attic.
Vicinity of Firefly Dr in San Jose
During the last rain storms there was standing water in my crawlspace. I'd like to install a perimeter drain system & sump pump to avoid this in the future.
Vicinity of Blossom Ave in San Jose
Crawl space moisture barrier and insulation
Vicinity of Crown Blvd in San Jose
Some water in the crawlspace underneath the house. After replacing the plumbing, I was told to get it check out.
Vicinity of Broadleaf Lane in San Jose
Mold in crawlspace
Vicinity of Marlinton Ct in San Jose
Interested in having crawlspace inspected for any issues related to recent rainfall
Vicinity of Hollow Lake Way in San Jose
Due to record rainfall, i am noticing water in the crawlspace. I had to buy a pump to pump it out twice this year. I didn't notice this much water in previous years.
Vicinity of Davenport Dr in San Jose
My house is on a hill. During the rain season, the water coming from the uphill make my side yard muddy and there are water in my crawl space. I would like to seek your help to solve this issue. Thanks.
Vicinity of Sammie Ave in San Jose
My crawl space gets water everytime there is rain can you help
Vicinity of Fortini Rd in San Jose
We have a finished basement that has been flooding. Water is seeping at different points, but the water does not flow to a single low point for pumping. We have been vaccumming it with a shop vac and pumping water out of the shop vac. We are going out of town and realize there is no way to keep our basement from flooding while we are not here.
Vicinity of Desert Flame Drive in San Jose
The dirt in our crawl space is damp. We have smells inside the house that go away as long as the windows are open.
Vicinity of Mount Mckinley Dr in San Jose
It has been years since we did any cleaning in our crawl space. We also have a problem with rodents entering our home through the crawl space.
Vicinity of Northridge Drive in San Jose
Crawl space under the house has puddles and is very muddy. I have been in the house for the last 6 years and the crawl space has been muddy in the winters, but this year there are standing puddles. Footings and piers are absorbing water. I am estimating that I will need sump pump(s) and recommendations on better drainage.
Vicinity of Foxhurst Way in San Jose
Need to eliminate musty smell in the house coming from the crawlspace. - Cleaning - Drainage - Sealing - Dehumidifier - Sump pump check
Vicinity of Wilbur Ave in San Jose
Cold and poor-insulation of home. I believe that crawl space fixing will be a good first step towards insulating my house.
Vicinity of Strada Almaden in San Jose
My crawl space is flooded. Need to clean it up
Vicinity of Iris Ct in San Jose
Are you able to come and provide a free estimate. We are concerned about excess air being drawn into the house and associated odors.
Vicinity of Morrill Ave in San Jose
We see little water in our crawl space.
Vicinity of Camden Ave in San Jose
Hi, We've purchased a house and just moved in last November. The recent heavy rain has brought some drainage issues to our attention with water pooling around the house and getting into the crawlspace. I'm looking to have a consultation/inspection for ways to prevent further water intrusion. Thanks
Vicinity of Melchester Dr in San Jose
Hello: We need help to make crawl space cleaner.
Vicinity of Malone Rd in San Jose
My crawl space isn't insulated under the main part of my house. No known moisture issues.
Vicinity of Pfeiffer Ranch Rd in San Jose
There's water in our crawl space every raining seasons. We used to pump the water out once a while. But we are kind of tired to doing that. We are looking for some kind of system that will pump the water out automatically.
Vicinity of Lazy River Way in San Jose
Wet area under house - mud puddle at crawl space
Vicinity of Acton Drive in San Jose
Moisture in crawl space
Vicinity of Nevada Ave in San Jose
Looking to have a vapor barrier and some ventilation installed in our crawlspace. We have a recently built house that does not get much airflow through the crawlspace and are concerned about mositure.
Vicinity of Bien CT. in San Jose
Small debris in the crawl space and salt sediments on foundation needs to be cleaned up
Vicinity of Lemonwood Ct. in San Jose
1. Wet crawlspace due to a leaky pipe 2. Broken dryer duct 3. Rodent infestation
Vicinity of Dunn Ave in San Jose
Smell from crawl space, seems to be no water under the house
Vicinity of Albion Dr in San Jose
I would like to know how much it will cost to insulate my crawlspace. I would like to cover the dirt as shown in your photos.
Vicinity of Crossgates Lane in San Jose
Wet crawl space
Vicinity of Morningside Drive in San Jose
Musty smell in the house - we think is coming from crawl space. Want to get advise and quote on barrier for crawl space
Vicinity of Thorntree Ct in San Jose
We are looking to have a sump pump installed under our home
Vicinity of Via Novella in San Jose
Please provide an estimate on how much it would cost to encapsulate my crawlspace. Thank you
Vicinity of in San Jose
Smell in crawl space
Vicinity of Valley Glen Dr in San Jose
There is moisture in our crawl space under our house and we are concerned this will lead to mold or may have already started this issue. need to know how to properly resolve this.
Vicinity of Latimer Ave. in San Jose
I would like to get estimate for crawling area ventilation in my house, Adam
Vicinity of Blossom Dale Drive in San Jose
Our new hardwood floors are buckling. Our floor guy thinks it's due to moisture under the house. We've gone under the house and see moisture in some areas, but not all, so would like an evaluation to see what the issue is.
Vicinity of Markham Ave in San Jose
Main crawlspace is about 1200 square feet. would like to have estimate for encapsulation. thanks
Vicinity of Mirassou Pl in San Jose
Install reliable pump system to keep the water away from my crawl spacing.
Vicinity of Cloverbrook Drive in San Jose
Inspect the crawl space for mold etc.
Vicinity of Dunwell Ct in San Jose
Smelly crawl space
Vicinity of HESKET CT in San Jose
Damp crawl space, need to find out why, + musky odor
Vicinity of Nikette Way in San Jose
Water collects and ponds for a few days in the crawl space under the front of my house during periods of heavy rain. I am looking to speak to someone regarding an inspection and options to fix the problem.
Vicinity of Carlton Av in San Jose
Have a dirt crawl space?
Vicinity of Via De Los Reyes in San Jose
There is a horrible smell coming from underneath our house and it's seeping into our home. I think it's pretty damp under the house, so that might be causing the smell. It's been this way ever since that big rain. Please let me know if you can help! Thank you! Ashley
Vicinity of Vicenza Way in San Jose
Periodic ground water after heavy rain in one area of the crawl space of less than 100 sqft
Vicinity of Weybridge Dr in San Jose
I recently purchased a house that appears to get water in the crawlspace during heavy rains. I recently had all water professionally removed and would be interested in having the crawlspace inspected and receive an estimate for a sump pump installation.
Vicinity of La Seyne Place in San Jose
Excessive moisture in crawl space.
Vicinity of Hillcrest Dr in San Jose
The crawl space is extremely humid and smells of mold. When it rains, puddles of water collect in the crawl space and when full, water flows in the basement.
Vicinity of Chesbro Ave in San Jose
I just purchased this home. We discovered that there is water leaking into the crawl space. The plumber is looking into fixing the issue with the water but I am interested in cleaning the space, drying it out and keeping it dry.
Vicinity of Pajaro Court in San Jose
Looking for estimate and options to dry up and possibly insulate our crawl space. Our current sump-pump-in-a-5-gallon-bucket system is not effective at eliminating standing water and our heating ducts became water logged when the pump switch failed.
Vicinity of Heaton Moor Drive in San Jose
We have a standing water problem under our house, which has managed to cause the deterioration of our metal foundation jacks. We need to replace the jacks and solve the water problem. We are looking for competitive estimates.
Vicinity of Ivy Lane in San Jose
Clean attic and crawl space
Vicinity of Laura Dr in San Jose
Musty smell in crawl space
Vicinity of Queensbridge Way in San Jose
Need to find source of water in crawl space. Install sump pump and moisture barrier
Vicinity of May Ln in San Jose
Water in crawl space when heavy rain, it takes more than 2 days to drain.
Vicinity of Copeland Place in San Jose
Moisture and odor in basement... odor now entering home
Vicinity of Cerro Verde in San Jose
I am looking for the drain and moisture control system for my crawl space.
Vicinity of Chateau Ct. in San Jose
I know we have some mold under the house. Want it looked at and fixed as well as looking at entire house and see what else we need to do.
Vicinity of Minnesota Avenue in San Jose
Crawlspace encapsulation to reduce heat loss.
Vicinity of Williams Rd in San Jose
My home gets really cold and my heating bills are huge in the winter. i was wondering if insulating or encapsulating the crawl space, and closing some of the vents in the space might help prevent some of the heat loss. Thanks!
Vicinity of Bergamo Ct in San Jose
There's no moisture problem in crawlspace. Just need to encapsulate to improve air quality and to put down hardwood floor.
Vicinity of Curie Dr in San Jose
Water pools up from underground in my crawlspace during periods of consistent rain
Vicinity of in San Jose
Want to finish my basement but don't want water or moisture. You seem very knowledgable.please advise
Vicinity of S. Monroe St. in San Jose
Would like crawl space insullated. Pulled up carpets and original hardwood floors were refinished. Very cold floor. Home is about 1400 square feet. Thanks. Additional information: How did you hear about us?: on
Vicinity of Byerley Avenue in San Jose
I have an open basement/crawlspace and need a vapor barrier so the dust won't get on everything and get sucked into the heating system.
Vicinity of Country Club Pkwy in San Jose
I am in the process of purchasing a home. The pest inspection report shows some standing water in the crawl space. The sellers put in a drainage system with sump pumps, but it's probably not working properly. I would like to get an expert to check it out and give me an estimate for how much it would cost to keep the crawlspace dry. Also check if there is any mold and if so what it would cost to fix it. I need to do this ASAP. Are you available to check it out on Monday (9/30)? Additional information: How did you hear about us?: on Other: Bing
Vicinity of Nesbit Ct in San Jose
Our crawl space is damp and we need to waterproof it; so I appreciate your support to let me know of the next step to get a quote. Additional information: How did you hear about us?: on
Vicinity of Newhall St in San Jose
My crawlspace has high humidity and sings of mold in the past. Want to get a quote for encapsulation Additional information: How did you hear about us?: on
Vicinity of Walnut Grove Ave in San Jose
Estimate for crawlspace vapor barrier.
Vicinity of Oak Canyon Pl. in San Jose
Moisture from the ground may be warping our hardwood floors. Also, the house is very cold in the winter and we would like to reduce heating costs. Additional information: How did you hear about us?: on
Vicinity of Glen Duff Way in San Jose
Repair man mentioned there's standing water in the crawl space. I'm exploring solutions. Additional information: How did you hear about us?: on
Vicinity of Nepo Drive in San Jose
Crawl space with standing water due to recent rains. Additional information: How did you hear about us?: on Promo Code: Please let me know
Vicinity of Anjou Creek Cir in San Jose
Need quote to pump out existing water in crawlspace and then a quote for a method to control the water problem.
Vicinity of Scarsdale Place in San Jose
Sump pump installation Standing water in crawl space Additional information: How did you hear about us?: on
Vicinity of Serene Wy in San Jose
Crawlspace vent wire left open by former contractors has allowed rodent access to crawlspace. Need to keep rodents out. Additional information: How did you hear about us?: on
Vicinity of Bon Vista Ct. in San Jose
I want to look into encapsulating my crawl space. Additional information: How did you hear about us?: on
Vicinity of Janis Way in San Jose
We have been noticing musty smell from under of the house. We can also smeel the same thing when we first turn on the heater.
Vicinity of Hillsdale Avenue, in San Jose
Please come over and do the estimate. Thanks, Jim
Vicinity of Foxhurst Way in San Jose
We need a new sump pump in our crawl space Additional information: How did you hear about us?: on
Vicinity of Schubert Ave. in San Jose
Need to replace/install a crawlspace door outside of the house
Vicinity of Elmsdale Drive in San Jose
I have an odor of damp soil (?) coming from the crawl space. It's more obvious from the outside near the crawlspace vents. When you I took a look under the house and noticed that the soil is damp. I'm not sure if it's mold.
Vicinity of Puerto Vallato Dr. in San Jose
The crawlspace has water after heavy rain. The water goes away after a few days.

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