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Clean CrawlSpace Inc. is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Pleasanton. Learn more about Clean CrawlSpace Inc.'s recent work requests in Pleasanton and nearby areas!

Learn more about Clean CrawlSpace Inc.'S recent work requests in Pleasanton, CA
Vicinity of Crestablanca in Pleasanton
Experiencing some water under house crawl space
Vicinity of Inglewood Drive in Pleasanton
I am purchasing this property and crawl space + vents are not in good condition. I want to get estimate to fix these area.
Vicinity of Zion Canyon Ct. in Pleasanton
I see lot of wet mud in crawl space. Looking for solution to keep it dry and ensure it does not damage foundation.
Vicinity of Equestrian Drive in Pleasanton
No concerns. We had hard wood floors replace, and do not want to deal with cupping floors.
Vicinity of Driftwood Way in Pleasanton
Crawl space had standing water and mold. Black plastic is bunched everywhere and needs to be removed and a solution for the water installed.
Vicinity of Bonita Ave in Pleasanton
Doing remodel and new HVAC ducts will be going into crawl space. Looking for options to prep crawl space while it is easily accessible.
Vicinity of Touriga Drive in Pleasanton
I have a wet crawl space.
Vicinity of in Pleasanton
Hardwood flooring buckling in spots
Vicinity of Vista Diablo Ct in Pleasanton
Looking to get an estimate and evaluation to seal the crawl space and install a vapor barrier. Would like to get it done as soon as possible.
Vicinity of Via DI Salerno in Pleasanton
We just purchased a home with a crawlspace. We have never had a crawlspace before and have read some articles on crawlspaces. We were interested in having someone out to look at it and find out about it getting lined plus any other recommendations. Thank you.
Vicinity of Smallwood Court in Pleasanton
Had all of the crawlspace insulation removed after a recent water leak - need to re-insulate and also look for a solution or moisture in one area of the space Additional information: How did you hear about us?: on
Vicinity of Clifford Circle in Pleasanton
Standing water in crawl space
Vicinity of Zion Canyon Ct. in Pleasanton
Standing water under house
Vicinity of Corte Del Rey in Pleasanton
I have standing water under part of my house and a very nasty smell - please can you help?
Vicinity of Merganser CT in Pleasanton
Odor from crawlspace & mold.
Vicinity of Touriga Drive in Pleasanton
Our property is lower than our neighbors so we get a lot of water under the house. A sump pump does not take care of the problem
Vicinity of Harpers Ferry Ct in Pleasanton
There is excessive moisture in the crawl space. Additional information: How did you hear about us?: on
Vicinity of Yosemite Ct N in Pleasanton
We would like to have our crawl space cleaned out and the plastic sheet replaced with a moisture-barrier sheet and attached to our structure.
Vicinity of Glenbrook Ct in Pleasanton
Curious what it costs to install a moisture barrier under the house. High humidity levels and some standing water in the winter.
Vicinity of Mount McKinley Ct. in Pleasanton
Crawl space is wet due to water leak soil need to be dried.
Vicinity of Oak Manor Ct in Pleasanton
We bought this house recently, and one of the item 1 issues that were found during home inspection was moisture in the crawl space. The previous owners agreed to fix it as a condition for us to buy the house. They hire a company that install 2 vents. It has been 3 months since we moved in and the space is as wet as ever, with lots of salamanders running around.I believe those vents are not doing the job and I need a second opinion besides the company that install the vents.
Vicinity of Marilyn Ct in Pleasanton
Moldy, damp smells Drainage issues, only partially addressed at the moment
Vicinity of Pleasanton in Pleasanton
Hello, We have observed some minor house settling issues (hard to lock doors, cracks in walls, etc.) and understand that installing a moisture barrier in our crawl space could help reduce these occurrences. Before scheduling an inspection, can we get a rough estimate for this service? Our house footprint is around 1500 sq ft. Thanks, Edmond Additional information: How did you hear about us?: on
Vicinity of Virgin Islands Court in Pleasanton
Dampness under the house, smell... Additional information: How did you hear about us?: on
Vicinity of Riesling Dr in Pleasanton
Need a solution for my drainage issue. The house is on a slope and there are sump pumps already under the house, in the crawl space area - with pipes coming out & throwing water outside. Need that water to go all the way to the street or to any street drainage. Please suggest what would be an economical solution.
Vicinity of Marigold Court in Pleasanton
Install a new sump pump in crawl space.
Vicinity of Hansen Drive in Pleasanton
We are getting moisture coming from our bedroom floor.
Vicinity of Black Ave in Pleasanton
Hi, I'd like to get a quote on crawl space insulation for my home. I am looking forward for your call.