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Learn more about Clean CrawlSpace Inc.'S recent work requests in Petaluma, CA
Vicinity of D St in Petaluma
To get rid of moisture below the house.
Vicinity of Sarah Way in Petaluma
Noticed standing water under house
Vicinity of Liberty LN in Petaluma
Previous vapor barrier fallen, insulation fallen down, possibly from rats now eliminated. Standing water despite sump pump working.
Vicinity of Clydesdale Way in Petaluma
I have a lot of standing water under my house and I want to get an estimate on a sump pump and moisture barrier. There is currently an out 4in of water under the house because of the recent rains. Best way to contact me during the day is by email. Thank you
Vicinity of Joan Dr. in Petaluma
Would like a quote or rough estimate for installation of vapor barrier under our <1100 sq ft house (crawl space).
Vicinity of BAYWOOD COURT in Petaluma
I have a failed moisture barrier in the crawl space under my house. I would like an estimate for replacement. Thank you
Vicinity of Rainier Circle in Petaluma
Moisture and small amounts of mold under the house.. Can smell something in the house at times, after a rain.
Vicinity of Nottingham Ct in Petaluma
Moisture and rodents. need moisture proofing, sealing and maybe a sump pump. Needs services to be performed very soon. Sq footage is about 2100.
Vicinity of Mark Drive in Petaluma
Hello I am looking to line and insulate my crawl space. Currently it is just adobe down there in 1320 sq ft 1970 home.
Vicinity of Rainier Circle in Petaluma
Crawl space is damp in some areas and may benefit from better ventilation.
Vicinity of Adobe Creek Dr in Petaluma
Estimate for vapor barrier required to clear section 1 for house sale
Vicinity of Wisteria Circle in Petaluma
Bad smell from crawl space moisture in crawl space and rodents have come in need cleanining, moisture barrier and possibly a sump pump.
Vicinity of Castle Drive in Petaluma
Install vapor barrier and clean crawlspace
Vicinity of Daniel Drive in Petaluma
We're interested in a quote to have our crawl space sealed from moisture. When it rains it starts to mold.
Vicinity of Castle Drive in Petaluma
We have a 2300 sq ft, single story home. Would like moisture barrier placed under house in crawl space. I am only looking for a ball park estimate to see if this is something I can even afford. Thanks Pete
Vicinity of Harrison Street in Petaluma
Vapor barrier for crawl space
Vicinity of Payran Street in Petaluma
Hi, We have an 1100 Square foot home and we need a vapor barrier in our crawl space. Thanks
Vicinity of Tunzi Parkway in Petaluma
I get water in my crawlspace every few years and would like to look into pricing a vapor barrier system
Vicinity of Northstar in Petaluma
I need a vapor barrier intalled
Vicinity of Cerro Sonoma Circle in Petaluma
Purchased the home 3 months and noticed standing water in the crawl space during a storm. Looking to do hardwood downstairs and would like professional opinion about the moisture.
Vicinity of Queens Lane in Petaluma
House sits at foot of hill. Water runs under house as well as into garage during heavy rains. Condensation and some minor mold issues in house. No standing water under house. Interested in Estimate on encapsulation of crawl space, sump pump and or french drain?
Vicinity of Donner Ave in Petaluma
We are looking to moisture proof our crawl space. 1300 square foot home, 1 story Many thanks Garrett
Vicinity of Elinor Ct in Petaluma
Need to insulate and seal off the underneath of our house. It is creating mold at bottom of walls in 2 rooms.
Vicinity of Pine Ave in Petaluma
Moved to Petaluma about 2 months ago. Was not told there is a broken sump pump under the house and also was not told about lots of standing water in crawlspace during rainy season. My husband went down to check from both access points and found there was about 4 inches of standing water throughout the entire crawlspace. There is black plastic liner, but the water is underneath the plastic. The sump pump has been fixed, but only removes water from a small part of the crawlspace. I am afraid this is going to affect the foundation.
Vicinity of Madison Street in Petaluma
Wanted a crawl space inspection.
Vicinity of Park Lane in Petaluma
We have a crawlspace that has vapor barrier installed but no insulation. It is a 1959 cape cod style home that has a crawl space of about 32 ft by 21 ft. We were planning on installing fiber glass batting under the floor board but upon more research, got conflicting suggestions as to how to proceed. The crawl space is ventilated. The vapor barrier we currently have seems to be working to prevent moisture issues, but we our floor is very cold in the winter because there is no insulation. I would like to hear your opinion and estimate if appropriate. Thank you.
Vicinity of Abercrombie Way in Petaluma
Moisture in crawl space. Adobe based.
Vicinity of S.McDowell Blvd in Petaluma
Interested in a vapor and or moisture barrier for under my house. Additional information: How did you hear about us?: on
Vicinity of Alta Drive in Petaluma
Exterminator checked crawl space for termites and there were none. However - he said that it needs to be treated with an antifungal/antimicrobial treatment to kill mold/mildew. We had a POORLY installed vapor barrier which we have removed. We want a solution that is COST EFFECTIVE and will keep the area clean and dry.
Vicinity of Del Oro Cir in Petaluma
I need to have vapor barrier installed in my crawl space. Additional information: How did you hear about us?: on
Vicinity of Colwood Drive in Petaluma
I manage a house in East Petaluma that is prone to moisture retention under the house. We've also had a problem with mold on some walls. The house does not have gutters, so all water runs under the house. Would like an estimate for moisture barrier installation.

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