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Work Requests in Mill Valley

Clean CrawlSpace Inc. is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Mill Valley. Learn more about Clean CrawlSpace Inc.'s recent work requests in Mill Valley and nearby areas!

Learn more about Clean CrawlSpace Inc.'S recent work requests in Mill Valley, CA
Vicinity of Heather Way in Mill Valley
General inspection regarding moisture, mold, deteriorating insulation.
Vicinity of Viewpark Court in Mill Valley
Basement smell permeating lower floor of home. Downstairs is very cold.
Vicinity of King Street in Mill Valley
Floors are very cold and I want to insulate the crawl space to save energy
Vicinity of Ralson Ave in Mill Valley
Typical crawlspace under 13x12 estimated bedroom/bathroom, needs cover on dirt flooring as well as new insulation under floor and on some of the walls. the walls are bare wood and are direct to walls inside house.
Vicinity of Lowell Ave. in Mill Valley
We had a water intrusion issue from a broken water main in the street above our home. Would like to get a remedy now that the leak has stopped. Thanks
Vicinity of Meadow Drive in Mill Valley
Need estimate for subarea vapor barrier and sump pump install
Vicinity of Erica Road in Mill Valley
Need inspection asap. i think i have moisture coming up through floor-- wet carpet.
Vicinity of Reed Blvd. in Mill Valley
Experiencing excessive mildew and deformed wood floors! I need to explore my options before the rainy season starts.
Vicinity of Sunnybrook Lane in Mill Valley
I would like to have you take a look at our crawl space to review the vapor barrier and recomendations for mositure control. Pls call my cell at Referrer: Google
Vicinity of Doretha Street in Mill Valley
We are looking at encapsulating our crawlspace. Will this also help rid of rodents (rats) getting into the crawl space?